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free sofeware for personal computer

Are RMIT support free microsoft office for student? How can i download it ?

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Re: free sofeware for personal computer

Hi Ting,


Yes, Office Products are provided by the university for students. In order to gain access to the "Office 365 A3 for students" subscription (including both the latest desktop version of Office and Office Online for Education) you should:


Either follow the steps below, or follow the official step-by-step tutorial by Microsoft.

Link (Written Guide): click here or visit


Link (Video): - Outdated Video, but still relevant. From 00:25 - 01:04 (Changing passwords not relevant, and skipped installation)


OR Follow these steps:


1) head to











2) login using your RMIT Student email address (e.g, then press next


3) From here, you will be redirected to the RMIT login portal for Office365. Just enter your RMIT password (this will either be the default example: pyyyymmdd!, or your own custom password that you use to log into RMIT Services).











3a) Choose whichever option is relevant to you:











4) Once redirected to the Portal, click on "Install Office" located on the right side of the screen, which will open a drop down box where you will select either "Office 365 Apps" or "Other Install Options". 











5) Please follow the instruction that matches your situation (a or b):

a) If you don't much about windows, mac etc, just click on "Office 365 Apps" as this will automatically start a download for the 32-bit version of office (which can be used for both 32/64 bit windows/mac).











b) However, if you know whether your windows/mac is 32-bit or 64-bit, please choose "Other Install Options" which will redirect you to the "My Installs" page, and change the version and language to cater for your Windows/Mac inside the Office box (Please Note that if you do change your language, it will be harder to seek help), and click install office. This will automatically start a download for the 32/64 bit version of office (just like step 5a).











6) Once the download is finished, run the installer (which should look similar to the image below)

 -  If a message says that you are installing a 32-bit Office on a 64-bit windows/mac just press okay, and proceed (I              don't remember the exact message) 













Step 7) Once the installation is completed, another window will appear saying "You're all set! Office is installed now"












8) Now try opening Microsoft Word, which can be found by:

a) Windows: Pressing the Windows Key on the keyboard (which will open the start menu), then scroll down to M and click "Word"

                     Pressing the Windows Key and typing in "Word" and clicking the Word Icon / Pressing enter once shown

                     Pressing the Windows Key + R and typing winword, then pressing run

b) Mac: Press "Finder" in the bottom Shortcut Bar, Clicking the Applications Tab on the left side of the window, then find "Word" (or click a                   random app, then press the "w" key until Word is selected)


9) If upon launching Word, you are prompted to login, just follow stages 1-3 except in the tiny pop-up window.

Using Visio instead of Word.Using Visio instead of Word.











And that's how you install the desktop applications for the latest Office products.


Please see RMIT ITS (BLDG 80, Level 3) for help, as if you're having issues it will be easier to diagnose in person. Alternatively, ask around the forums, or even someone who has successfully installed the office package on their device.


I hope this helps!


I apologise in advance if I explained this poorly, as I didn't spend too much time on it.

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Re: free sofeware for personal computer

I can't use powerpoint for sound recording and video converting function. I tried to download and install for deskstop version or choosing Install office button on the screen. It appeared Couldn't install message as attached. Please advice ASAP. I need to submit my assignment on 29th March. I am still not able to use full function of office for my assignment.