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late enrollment

Hi, I was recently blocked out of adding classes to my course, I asked RMIT connect what I could do and they said to check my emails for a a section code in which I could then add classes for my course. Unfortunetly I got confused with the email platform I would of recieved my enrollement information from and it wasn't until yesterday were I asked a friend for help and they guided me to my RMIT gmail account where I found my emrollment infomation. My enquiry has now closed because of the mishap and I'm stuck with what to do wtih my section code and wondering if I'm still eligible to enroll. 
What can I do now?

RMIT Connect
RMIT Connect

Re: late enrollment

@maggiepapa, if you like then I can get your student number (as an administrator, I can see it here) and pass it on to our team who will look at your old enquiry for you. Would that be ok?

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