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student ID card

"Sorry, CaptureMe can not detect any valid person's face, current configuration requires you to upload a new photo and try again." 

This keeps coming up, I've tried several different photos without any success. Not sure what to do

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Re: student ID card

That's very odd Alicia. 
The most common solution to a problem like yours is to try a different browser. Some of the online programs don't function well on certain browser/operating system combinations. You might also find that uploading a different file type will make a difference for you (jpg instead of png or pdf).
Try internet explorer, mozilla and chrome, if it's the same issue over and over again then your best bet is to just come in to connect in person, and we can make you one on the spot here in building 28, level 3. The in person option is only for people who are genuinely unnable to make the card online, so please try the first two options before coming in.