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windows session is expering


I am HDR student from the school of EFM. I am using laptop provided by university. My asset code is :8435282. I am receiving a message on my laptop that my windows license is expiring soon. I don't know how to react with this message. As I am near to my second milestone presentation and having any sort of problem on my laptop will cost me a lot. Kindly deal with my problem as soon as possible.



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Re: windows session is expering



You might be best to contact ITS about this, not at all my area of expertise, but I did notice this post from another staff member.

Does your Windows advise that its license needs activating?

If you have not connected to the network for 6+months Windows might soon advise that its license needs activating. ITS has advised that if you log into the Citrix Gateway for a few hours it will ensure the VPN resolves the issue.


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