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Accessing RMIT email account in China

I'm having trouble getting onto my RMIT email account from China. I haven't had this problem in the recent past but things seem to have tightened up here. Is it possible to create a proxy account remotely, or without accessing google?


Re: Accessing RMIT email account in China

Hi @juliebilby

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An alternative way to access email is via myDesktop. Once you sign in, you can open your emails as you normally would (ie: via Chrome or another web browser).

The setup instructions for myDesktop for both Windows and Mac can be found below:



Mac OS


Please be aware that while myDesktop may enable access to your email, we cannot advise you on the current legal position regarding using this method in China.


Hope this helped you out!



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Re: Accessing RMIT email account in China

Hi juliebilby,


If you are an RMIT staff you can also try accessing GMail through the RMIT VPN service.