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CalDAV with Google

Hi all,


My mobile is using non-proprietary calendar software and I need to access my Google calandar without the Google Cal app.


On my personal calendar this can be done with following URL


For some reason this does not work for my RMIT calendar?


thanks in advance

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Re: CalDAV with Google

Hi ryanchaffey,


Please try these instructions. If your calendar app doesn't have a full sync option you may need to use the calendar's private address which you can get in the calendar's Settings as per instructions under See your calendar (view only) section on that page.

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Re: CalDAV with Google

thank you!


This seemed to work..


Calendar synchronisation with CalDAV

Folder URL:
your_google_calendar_id for your primary calendar is your Google email address. However, for all other calendars, the calendar ID has the format [long_string]
You can retrieve the calendar ID at by clicking on the "down" arrow next to your calendar and selecting "Calendar settings".
User name:Your Google username
Password:Your Google password