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Cant log into my rmit email

I'm having trouble logging into my rmit email, i've tried my rmit password and i've also tried the birthday one and nothing is working. help pls


Re: Cant log into my rmit email

Hi @Abby


By default, new students will receive the password pYYYYMMDD! (where Y = year of your birth, M = month and D = day). Don't forget the exclamation mark, also! Smiley Wink

The default password will be used for all your student logins.
If you update your password, it will synchronise across all the systems so you will use the newer one - essentially: one password for everything.


If you need to reset your password, you can click the "Change your password" link at the MyRMIT login screen, or go to


You can reset using the method above even if your current password has expired or is forgotten.


Please let us know how you went!







Re: Cant log into my rmit email

Good morning @Abby,


If you are able to log in successfull to myRMIT but cannot use the same password to access Gmail, your password may be out of sync. Can you please email me with your student ID so I can investigate further?


My email address is:




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Re: Cant log into my rmit email