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Gmail file size limit

Hi guys,


I just tried to send an email from my gmail account and I got an error.


I'm wondering if the file size may have been too large. Can you please tell me what the limit is.





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Re: Gmail file size limit

Hey BrittyP,


Your RMIT Google Apps account's GMail and Google Drive come with the following storage limits:


  • Total attachment size in an email: 20 MBs
  • Total mailbox size: unlimited

Google Drive:

  • Single file size: 5 TBs (100 blu-ray discs equivalent?)
  • Total Drive size: unlimited

Large attachments slow down our emails so take advantage of Google Drive's unlimited capacity by using the Drive button to attach files to your email instead of the paperclip button. This allows you to upload large files to your Google Drive then attach share links to them to your email. It even reminds you to set proper sharing permissions for recipients when you click Send.