New email quarantine filter for staff and students

New email quarantine filter to provide increased security and control for students and staff

We have implemented a new email filter that lets staff and students control the way their emails are filtered.

The new email filter is designed to help protect students and staff from spam and malicious content. Suspicious emails are held in quarantine until you block, permit or release the email. You will be sent a notification summarising quarantined messages within an hour of the email being sent. 


When you receive the quarantine notification, you can choose:


  • Block to remove the email from quarantine. Future emails from this sender will be immediately rejected and will not be delivered to your inbox.
  • Permit to release the email from quarantine and deliver to your inbox. The sender will be added to your personal contact list and any new emails from this sender will be delivered to your inbox, provided it passes RMIT virus scanning, content and attachment policies.
  • Release to release the email from quarantine and deliver it to your inbox. Additional emails from this sender will be quarantined for your review.


You will only receive a notification if you have emails held in quarantine. Please note you will not receive a reminder notification and the email will be deleted after 14 days if you do not action. You will not be able to recover the email once it is deleted. 


For questions or queries on the email filter, please contact:


RMIT Service and Support Centre:


Tel: 03 9925 8888

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Re: New email quarantine filter for staff and students



Prior to the email quarantine email being set up, the emails captured were blocked without notification. This new system gives us (students and staff) the choice and control to permit, release and block these emails themselves. And the email filter is just one part of a greater cybersecurity program in place to help keep staff, students and the university's assets safe.