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RMIT Desktop automatically opens the Citrix Receiver window at startup but it is empty by default. To add myDesktop apps, enter the first few letters of their names in the top-right search box and click the desired suggestion. In this example screenshot ph was entered and Photoshop was suggested.




Once added the app can be launched from Citrix Receiver.




If the Citrix Receiver window is closed you can reopen it by clicking the Show hidden icons button showHiddenIcons.png in the bottom-right system tray of RMIT Desktop then double-clicking the Citrix icon citrixIcon.png.




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I got my laptop from RMIT a couple of days ago, and started to use some of the apps that come with it (namely Endnote, anaconda3 and Spyder3.7) through the Citrix interface. When I tried opening the apps today, I got a pop up saying that these apps had been removed, and they were gone from the start menu.


I opened the Citrix workspace app (see below) and went into the advanced preferences.


In the advanced preferences menu (see below), I selected "Reset Citrix Worspace", thinking it would return it to the default settings (with all the apps including Endnote, anaconda3 and Spyder3.7) but it just deleted every Citrix app.

Is there a way to get my apps back?

Here are some extra details of my computer.