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1. Head to


2. Enter your student number and password.


              myDesktop login.JPG 


















3. From here you will see all of the apps you have access to – remember they will depend on the course you are enrolled in.


apps screen.JPG 


 4. Browse through the apps you have on demand! You can select Details to add them to your favourites tab for easy access.

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The mydesktop site is not working


Hi @kchomkowicz
Thanks for posting!


If you were using MyDesktop before its recent update, it's likely those remembered links/bookmarks will no longer work in your browser.
You can clear your browser's cache and cookies, navigate back to the MyDesktop login page and you should be able to use MyDesktop as normal.


You can find the steps for clearing the cache on various browsers below:
Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox




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I cannot access my desktop

After putting my ID and I cannot put my password.

I don't know why and  how to deal with this problem.

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 Hi @susie

The issue would be using Internet Explorer or Edge; you will have to enable compatibility view.

This can be done by having a quick look at this guide by Microsoft;


Alternatively, you can switch to Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, both of those broswers don't have the same issue.


Please have a quick look at this guide for connecting via a Windows device if you run into any more problems.




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This might be too specific a problem, but I'm on myDesktop trying to log in to Catia V6 (the Computer Aided Design program) and it shows the warning in the picture when I go to click "Select" for  the security option for login. How would I get past this issue? Maybe my tutor has to authorise access or something?


Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at 6.50.51 pm.pngScreen Shot 2018-03-18 at 6.51.13 pm.png

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When I go into the programs, I can't access other documents from my computer. Eg) If I go into photoshop, and press open (to load an image) it doesnt come up with anything. Or if I go into acrobat and try and load things to merge, it says no items match your search. PLEASE HELP!!!


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Hi @babashook
You are currently using the light version of myDesktop, in order to use your own files in the Photoshop app you need to upload them.

If you click the black/white orb at the top of the screen and hit "Upload" you can select a file to upload to the myDesktop UI and save to your Student H:/ Drive.


Once you've finished editing or modifying the file you can hit the "Download" button under the orb and save it to your own computer again.


You can also upgrade to the "Full Version" of myDesktop which maps your local disk on your computer to myDesktop making file access easier.


Have a quick look at this knowledge base article;

Accessing files on your personal device in myDesktop

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Is use of programs such as rhino and Mayer made available on Mac OS to architecture students through mydesktop? Or only on Windows 

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 I can not type the exact word I want on excel
It always appear whenever I use Excel on RMIT desktop
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I accessed MyDesktop on my home laptop and chose my desired app, SSPS, but it is just stuck on the loading screen, is it because I need to be connected to the school internet, or is there something i need to do in order for it to work?