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1. Head to


2. Enter your student number and password.


              myDesktop login.JPG 


















3. From here you will see all of the apps you have access to – remember they will depend on the course you are enrolled in.


apps screen.JPG 


 4. Browse through the apps you have on demand! You can select Details to add them to your favourites tab for easy access.

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Hi @S3786689,

Try clicking 'Restart' under the Desktops tab, then see if you can open SSPS again. If this doesn't work, I'd suggest asking RMIT Connect or IT support.

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I access myDesktop from my laptop and try to use Adobe Illustrator but I can't open it. I try to clear the cache, restart RMIT desktop but still Illustrator won't open. Can you please tell me how to fix this problem?


Thank you so much for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.


Screen Shot 2019-04-12 at 17.50.42.png

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Hi support,


MyDesktop is not recognising my credentials. It returns "Incorrect username or password". I am entering my RMIT student number and password. Am I doing something wrong?


Thank you.


EDIT: I reset my password and it is now working.

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MyDesktop.jpgAfter the upate to Citrix I have issues with accessing MyDesktop or my apps through Citrix in Google Chrome. However, I followed the steps to access MyDesktop through the Windows app which works, but I can't figure out how to download or upload files to and from MyDesktop (unlike pre-update where there was a shortcut in the drop down menu. It's a bit inconvenient having to go through more round about methods, so I'd like to know if it's possible to regain the functions that were readily available pre-update. Thanks.

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When I try to launch the RMIT Desktop once in the application, I have a message box that wants me to launch the citrix reciever launcher. When I pick open nothing happens and I cannot access the desk top.

Any ideas?


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I'm trying to log in using my credentials, which are correct, as I can use them to log in to everything else, but it's coming back as "try again or contact your help desk". It's not saying my log in details are incorrect. Is it currently not available?

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I have downloaded Citrix Workspace app in my personal laptop, as I was made aware that it performs considerably better than in the web browsers.

As I tried to login, I was notified the following (see below screenshot). 

Any advice/suggestions?



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On my Linux/Ubuntu system, when I click to open software such as minitab, my computer just downloads an unusable little file. Is my desktop not compatible with Linux? 

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Hello, I am a new student. In one of my classes, I have to use the myDesktop services but every time attempt a log in the very next page that is shown to me gives this error message "Failed to login user due to insufficient claims. Please contact your administrator". Any and all help would be great because I'm without access to myDesktop I'm unable to partake in the class. 


Kind regards, Fotis. 

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I am also getting the same issue at Fotios above. "Failed to login user due to insufficient claims"