The RMIT MyDesktop is a virtual environment. As such, you will not be able to directly access any of the files on
   your personal device or on any USB devices connected to it.
   To work with your files in MyDesktop, they must be located in one of the following:

    - Your student Google Drive (or another form of online storage)

    - In your email

    - In your student H: drive

   Option 1 - Google Drive (recommended)

   With every student email account also comes a Google Drive account which allows you to store files online
   and share with others.
   Sign in to your student email, click on the Apps icon GoogleAppsIcon.jpg and select Drive GoogleDriveIcon.jpg 
   Once your student Google Drive is open, you can simply drag and drop the desired files to store them in Drive.
   Once complete, open the Google Drive in the MyDesktop environment to access your files. You can download and save
   the files to your student H: if you wish.


   Option 2 - Email

   If your files are small (<20MB), you can attach the file to an email and send it yourself. You can then open the
   email in the MyDesktop environment and download/save the file to work on it.

   Option 3 - RMIT MyDrive
   Go to www.mydrive.rmit.edu.au and sign in using your student number and RMIT password.
   The MyDrive page may look a little blank to start. Check your browser’s address bar for a protection icon.
   You may need to click on it and select “load unsafe script”.


    You will now brought to your student H: and can use MyDrive to upload files on your personal device to it (and vice versa).
    Click Upload from the top menu and select the desired file(s) from your personal device.


       Once complete you can open MyDesktop and access the files in your student H: drive.