The journals tool provides a personal space for you to communicate privately with your instructor. You can also use a journal as a self-reflective tool to post your opinions, ideas, and concerns about your course, or discuss and analyze course related materials. For example, you can describe problems you faced and how you solved them. Your instructor can direct journal entries to be more formal in nature and narrower in focus by listing topics for discussion.

The following link provide more information about journal:


There are two important issues that should be noted but are not in this link:


  1. Students should back up all of the journal entries. Keeping a copy of all your journals is best practice in case of accidental deletion or any other system issue. Note: RMIT ITS do not provide journal restoration to students.
  2. Make every journal entry separate, i.e. do not add on to existing entries. This will help the instructor when they comment on the journals. This advice is specific to students who need to write a weekly journal.

Hope it helps.