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Switching the sender name


1. The default appearance of a New Message in Outlook 2016 is as follows:

Outlook 2016 - change sender1.JPG


2. Click the Options tab and then click From

Outlook 2016 - change sender2.JPG


3. A From... button will be displayed above the To... button. 

Outlook 2016 - change sender3.JPG

Options>From is used to toggle the display of the From... button on and off.


4. Click the From... button and a drop down menu is displayed for selecting another staff member as the message sender.

Select a name from the list or click Other E-mail Address... and type in the name of a staff member your are authorised to send messages as. 

Outlook 2016 - change sender4.JPG


5. The selected name will appear in the composed messaged as the sender.

Outlook 2016 - change sender5.JPG


6.  Compose the rest of the message and send it.  If you select a name that you have no authorised delegation for, the message will not be sent to the recipients, and you will receive a email describing the error.