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  1. Log in myDesktop and click Adobe Acrobat Pro DC in the Apps tab.


  2. Click No for the box asking if Acrobat should be set as the default PDF application.


  3. Click Tools in the top left corner then select the Combine Files tool.

  4. Click addFilesButton1.png then select Add Files...


  5. Select the documents (hold Ctrl when clicking to select multiple files at once) to be combined then click Open. Repeat this step until all required documents have been included.
    Note: To work directly on files on your computer's local drive you need to use the full version of Citrix Receiver.


  6. Back in Acrobat's Combine Files window drag and drop selected files to reorder them if necessary then click Combine to start the process.


  7. Allow a moment for Acrobat to combine the documents then click saveButton.png to save the combined document.


  8. Either select a suggested recent folder to save the combined document to, or click Choose a Different Folder... to save to a different folder.


  9. Enter the file name for the combined document and click Save.