1. Open the Google Play Store on your device


   2. Search for the Citrix Receiver and download/install the app

       Android MyDesktop 1.jpg

   3. Once installed, open the app and tap Add Account

       Android MyDesktop 2.jpg

   4. Enter the address as: mydesktop.rmit.edu.au in the Address field and tap Next

       Android MyDesktop 3.jpg

   5. In Username enter your student or staff ID and your RMIT password into the Password field. In the domain,
       enter rmit. Tap Log On.

       Android MyDesktop 4.jpg

   6. From the app’s main page you can access programs individually from the list:


       or you can run the myDesktop environment by scrolling down to RMIT Desktop and tapping on it:



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I've been trying to log on from my android device.

However after typing infomations and log on, it says 'An error has occurred in your connection. Try connecting again.'.

This happens all the time and I don't know how to fix it.



I can access to myDesktop when I access myRMIT website and download the myDesktop file but I don't like downloading everytime I need to use the myDesktop.

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I also get the 'An error has occurred in your connection. Try connecting again.' error. Can't log in.

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I tried this out but the application keeps showing Please wait


Hi @Lam

We'll make an inquiry on your behalf to the MyDesktop team, as it's unclear whether the setup steps above are no longer valid since the update to Citrix Receiver or if this is an actual fault (I just tried and also received the "please wait" prompt, which does not resolve).


You can still use MyDesktop on the Android device by the following alternate method:
- Follow steps 1 and 2 from the guide above to install the Receiver app.
- Once installed, don't Add Account but go to the MyDesktop web page and sign in
- Attempt to either open a program from the Apps tab or the MyDesktop environment. This will download a .ica file.
- Once downloaded, select "Open". The Receiver app will recognise this file type automatically and begin to run.

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Hi guys, i have found a fix if anybody is still struggling to use the app for android.

1. download Citrix Receiver from the play store and open it

2. go to "add account" and click the menu at the top right hand side of the app and select "manual setup"

3.  follow this configuration
Address: https://mydesktop.rmit.edu.au
Type: Access Gateway

Description: https://mydesktop.rmit.edu.au

User Name: "Your Student/Staff ID"

Password: "Your Password"
Domain: rmit

Gateway Type: Enterprise Edition
Authentication Type: Domain Only


Now it should work as expected and you should be able to use all your apps.