1. Tap the Settings icon Andoidsettings.png from your home screen


   2. From the Settings menu, tap Wifi

       step 1.png

   3. Select RMIT-University from the list

       step 2.png

   4. Set the EAP method to PEAP (if not set already) and the Phase-2 authentication
       to MSCHAPV2.
       Enter your student or staff ID in Identity,
       RMIT password in Password (Anonymous Identity should be blank).
       Enter " rmit.edu.au " in the Domain field
       Tap Connect.

       Screen Shot 2021-04-26 at 10.41.17 am.png

   5. Your device should now connect to the RMIT-University network and your 3G/4G symbol should
       change to the wireless icon.

Occasional Visitor

Hi there,


Just trying to connect to the WiFi on Google Pixel 2, when I select "RMIT-University" it asks me to specify a domain? I see previous comments about this, anyone know what the right domain is?

Occasional Visitor

If your device requires you to put in a domain, "rmit.edu.au" (without the quotes) worked for me.