1. Tap the Settings icon iOSsettings.png from your home screen
    2. From the Settings menu select Wifi



    3. Select RMIT-University from the list



    4. Enter your student/staff ID (sXXXXXXX/eXXXXX) in the Username field, your RMIT password
        in Password field and tap Join.



    5. If this is your first time connecting to the network, you will be prompted to accept the security
        certificate. Tap Accept or Trust.
        Your device should now connect the RMIT-University network and your 3G/4G icon should
        change to the wireless icon.


RMIT Connect

I have noticed, when helping students access the wifi on their iPhone, that the certificate page no longer has accept button, but a trust button.  To accept or trust the RMIT wifi, that is the question!

New Visitor

Just a side note...


Sometimes I have been on campus and suddenly had troubles with connecting to the RMIT-University network...

Simply because sometimes it likes to switch between RMIT-University and other access spots with the RMIT prefix. Smiley Happy

If you are having trouble connecting, make sure that your connection is still with RMIT-University and not RMIT-Support or others!

Occasional Visitor

As a staff member, when trying to reconnect to the network after changing my password my phone wouldn't acknowledge the RMIT network. Another staff member showed me how I had to set it to 'forget network' before starting the process again. Would be good to have this added to the instructions above.