Community Manager


1. Launch myDesktop https://mydesktop.rmit.edu.au/



2. Select either the app you would like to run or you can launch  your virtual RMIT desktop  



3. Select the following iconmydesktop 1 PNG.PNG at the top/middle of your browser window 



4. When selecting this icon, the menu will expand  


doing my head.PNG


5. Select the Download Icon 




6. A dialogue box will appear for you to select the file that is saved on your RMIT network drive. You will need to locate the file/folder in order to download this file to your personal computer. Select your file and click open. 


gona die .PNG


7. Your windows explorer (windows) or finder (mac) will open on your personal computer, you will need to select where you would then like for the file to be saved onto your personal computer. Select your location and click Save. 


finally PNG.PNG


8. You will then see your file being downloaded at the bottom of your browser window. Once this is completed, the file will be saved to your personal computer.


mydesktop 5 .PNG