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With the implementation of the new lecture capture system Echo360, ITS is decommissioning the old EchoSystem. All recordings can now be accessed through the new Echo360 administration centre at


If you had an account in EchoSystem it has now been created in Echo360.  To access, simply log into using your normal RMIT login.


Existing functions remain the same. Continue to book your lecture recordings using the Lecture Capture booking form on the Service & Support Portal


The old EchoCenter links will not work after 28 February 2018. This means if you have links to old recordings in your Canvas courses, you will need to update them to link to the recording stored in the new environment.  Use the following guide to create a the public link to your recordings in the new system to place in your Canvas courses or share via email.


For instructions on Creating a Public Link in Echo360, refer to the myCommunity article.