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What's the deal with printing at RMIT?


Whether you're new to printing at RMIT or simply want a refresher, this article aims to collect all of the info we have on use of the RMIT Printing system. If anything is missing, or you'd like some more in-depth info, please tell us in the comments (below).


New to printing at RMIT?


If you’re a first time user, you’ll need to associate your printer account with your student card. You can do this by swiping your card and entering your RMIT student ID and password on the printer keypad when prompted. See the guide to registering your card.


Once you’re set up


You can print from any RMIT computer, or even your own device (using myDesktop), wherever you are. Just choose the Ricoh Global or RMIT Global print queue when printing, then collect your job from the campus printers with a simple swipe of your card. You can also print, copy and scan to USB on Ricoh multi-function devices located throughout RMIT.


Please note: When you print, you’ll have 12 hours to collect it from a printer. Print jobs are automatically deleted after this time.


Topping up your print account


You’ll need a credit balance to use your student printing account. Your school may provide you with a print credit at the start of semester and you can make further top-up payments as required.

If you're out of print credit, see this guide on topping up.


Print pricing


Black & White




Single sided A4

10 cents

Single sided A4

50 cents

Single sided A3

20 cents

Single sided A3


Double sided A4

15 cents

Double sided A4

75 cents

Double sided A3

30 cents

Double sided A3




Print settings

The default setting for all print jobs is black and white double sided. This can be changed through the file-print menu on your computer or mobile device. You’ll find this default setting maximises your printing balance, while being friendlier to the environment.