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**UPDATE: 14/05/2018**
**Some information on the originally-posted article has now been superseded. Please find the updated information below**

Some people may not be aware, but there are a number of developers that provide free access to their software or sites for education users.

You can also find some free or reduced-price access to software that is provided as part of the agreements that RMIT have with certain developers. 

For more info on these offers, please check out:
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@Ahutch0 I have attempted this about 12 times now. It won't let me start the usual way because I registered in the past. But it won't let me access the download from the account I have with them. It says I can only get my password back if I have permission from an administrator. 

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I am currently in my fourth (final) year of civil engineering degree and I need a particular software (geostudio) for my research project. The university currently does not have this software, is there a way I am able to obtain this software (full version).

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Hi everyone

How i can down load Project 2013 ?





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Hello. The agreement form link for SAS is broken.