Step 1: Go to the MS office website


  1. You can reach this by clicking on the Office 365 link on RMIT student software page:

    Alternatively, you can go directly to this URL in browser:


  2. Click the Get started for free button to start registration.


Step 2: Registration


  1. In the registration page, enter your student email address

  2. Click Sign up




  3. Check your Gmail for Finish signing up for Office 365 registration email

  4. Open the email

  5. Click the Yes that's me button to finish the verification.



  6. This opens a complete your user details page

  7. Enter your details


Click Start.


Step 3: Browse through the apps you have on demand.


  1. This opens a new page where you can view all available software

  2. Click Install now to install the apps you want.





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Is this offer available to staff as well?

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 Hi @Stepheng


Yes this is available to staff and students of RMIT.


There are some other offers here:

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I just downloaded this office application to my mac but I can't use them.. They required me to sign in but I can't sign in with the student e-mail address and password of RMIT account. I also tried to sign in with the password which I put first when I created the office account. Do you have some idea why I can't sign in?

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Will we also be moving our email out of Google? I don't think it's a great that when students email staff about personal matters, this information gets absorbed into Google.
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Can I install Office 365 on my work desktop in the Uni? At present I am stuck with Office 2010

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handy! so so handy!

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Microsoft didn't send verification code back to my email.

How can I fix it?



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i recently forgot my passwords but the Microsoft site does not allow me to reset it myself, saying my organisation (RMIT) has not defined a password reset policy. I contacted the IT Department about this, but they told me they didn't know how to solve this for me. Does anyone else have the same issue?

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 @Kate You can try to change your microsoft account by : setting-account-change microsoft account instead. If you have already sign in with an microsoft account, you may need to disconect it by: account management-remove your current device-follow the following instruction, and then,reset your computer and sign in with new microsoft account ( which is your student email)

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I recently downloaded this Microsoft and signed in with my rmit account, but it told me that  I can just view the documents. It doesn't allow editing on a mac. please help me handle this problem.