Step 1: Go to Google opt-in page

     1. Click the following link:

     2. This opens the RMIT login page

     3. Enter RMIT Staff/Student No. and password

     4. Click Login


     5. This opens the Terms & Conditions window                                                                                                      


Step 2: Acknowledge the Terms & Conditions

      1. Read Terms & Conditions before continuing

      2.Click I AGREE


      3. Now you have created a Google+ Account with your RMIT credentials.





Step 3: Setup your Google+ Profile

      1. Click the following link:

      2. This opens Google +


     3. Click Join Google+ to sign in

     4. Login with your RMIT email account

     5. Click Next



     6. Create your Profile

     7. Click Upgrade




     8. Add Friends and Follow things you love

     9. Click Continue






     10. Enter your details

     11. Click Finish



      12. Once complete the Google+ window opens.




 For more details about setting up Google+, visit: