PLEASE NOTE: In order to use Hangouts with your RMIT google account, you must first have opted-in at


Step 1: Access your Google Hangouts account


  1. Click to open Google Hangouts


  2. Sign in with your RMIT Gmail address

  3. Click Next

       3 Easy steps to get started with Gmail 1.jpg


5. Enter your Gmail password

6. Click Sign in to open your Google Hangouts account

3 Easy steps to get started with Gmail 2.jpg




























Step 2: Invite Friends


  1. Click Search 


     2.Type Name or Email Address


    3. In the search results, click their name to add them to your Google Hangouts contacts.


Step 3: Send message to a contact


  1. Selet the contact you wish to send a message to
  2. Type your message
  3. Press return key to send your message.

Note: You can also share photos, video chat and create group chat.




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