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RMIT's printing system allows you to easily send your work to be printed on any printer on any campus - but before you can do this, a one-time only registration needs to be performed.


As you'll see in this video, it's very simple, and you should be up and running in seconds!



You should now be ready to print, scan and copy at any RMIT printer!









“How to register your RMIT card for printing. (You only need to do this once!)”


VISUAL: Student standing in front of printer


AUDIO: Hi I’m Leroy and I’m a student at RMIT. Today I’m going to show you how to register your staff or student ID card to the RMIT printing system.


Now you’ll find plenty of these printers around the campus, once registered you can print from any of them.


VISUAL: Three printers around campus.


AUDIO: Now the first thing you’ll notice is the touchscreen interface. If the screen is blank it means the printer is in energy save mode, basically it’s sleeping. To wake the screen up, simply press this blue energy save button here and you’ll see the screen wake up.


VISUAL: Student presses blue button on printer.


AUDIO: Once the screen wakes up, it takes you to the welcome page. Now you’re ready to register your ID card.


Now you’ll find the card reader right underneath the touchscreen. Simply hold the card against the reader until you hear the beep.


VISUAL: Student swipes card against reader.


AUDIO: After the beep, it will say “Your card is not known to the system, press next to continue.” The next page is going to ask for your username and password.


VISUAL: Touchscreen username and password screen.


AUDIO: Now your username is student “S” number with an “S” at the front, or your staff “E” number with an “E” at the front. And for your password, it’s the same password that you’re gonna use to log into a computer and also to access your e-mails.


To enter your username, press on the username option and you’ll see a keyboard appear, enter in the username there and hit “OK” on the top right hand corner and do the same thing for your password.


VISUAL: Student enters username and password on the touchscreen.


AUDIO: Once you hit “OK”, you’ll see the option “Associate” on the top right hand corner and also the bottom right hand corner. Press either one, doesn’t matter.


Now you’re ready to print, scan and copy using your ID card.


VISUAL: Student holds up ID card.


AUDIO: I hope you found this video helpful, for more info, please check out myCommunity or contact RMIT Service and Support Centre. Thank you.