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Staff can use Google Groups to:



What can you do with a Google Group?


Authorised RMIT staff can email Groups by typing the name or email address for the list in the To field of an email. You can also create a community with those listed within each Group.


Authorised users can use Groups to:

  • Email an entire Group via email
  • Invite a Group to a calendar event
  • Collaborate and share files and documents within Google Docs by Group
  • View Group discussions within a dedicated Google Group page
  • Access information about the Group
  • View information about the Google Groups to which they belong as well as others that are part of Groups

What is the difference between a Google Group and Contact Group?


You might be wondering how Google Groups differ from the Contact Groups you can create in your Google Contacts.


Contact groups in Google Contacts are simply lists of email addresses that let users quickly enter multiple addresses at once in their email messages, meeting invitations, and so on. Although groups that users create using Google Groups are also lists of email addresses, they have their own group email address, so anyone with permission can send messages to that address.


Also, the Google Groups service includes advanced features, such as web forums and the ability to view all past messages sent to the Group via a central group page (even those you did not send).


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Fill out the Google Group request form to get set up.