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Information for staff about how to access a service account as a delegate.


Accessing the service account


Simply log in to your Google Apps account, click on your email address in the top right corner of the inbox and go to the accounts menu. Here you will be able to view any account that’s been delegated to you.


These accounts are displayed in the format of: (delegated)


To enter this account, simply click on the account address.


What can be done with a delegated account?
You can do the following on the account's behalf:


  • Send new messages
  • Respond to messages
  • Manage messages, including creating and applying labels, setting up filters, archiving messages, and deleting messages.


What can’t be done with a delegated account?
You can't do the following in the delegated email account:


  • Change email account settings (including delegating the email account to another user)
  • Send and receive chat messages
  • Use task lists.

Can I use GASMO to access a service account?
Yes, GASMO can be used to accessed Service Accounts.
However, it is advised not to use GASMO, if your service account is accessed and managed regularly by multiple people at the same time. For example, if multiple staff are using the account to read and label mail, syncing issues will occur.