If you have the Citrix Receiver installed, but are finding that nothing happens when you launch myDesktop, the following guide may be useful.


NOTE: This is a guide to a specific issue which is known to occur on Windows machines. The guide assumes your device already has the Citrix Receiver installed. If you have not yet installed the Citrix Receiver and need help doing so, see the guide to installing Citrix on Windows.

   1. After logging into https://mydesktop.rmit.edu.au and clicking on the MyDesktop icon, the launch.ica file asks to
      download to your device (this can be saved anywhere, but the desktop is the easiest location to save it to):


   2. Right-click on the launch.ica file, select "Open with" and click on "Choose default program"


   3. Select "Always use the selected program to open this type of file" and click Browse
       NOTE: On Windows 8 computers, this option may appear as "Choose Another App"

       ICA AlwaysUseAndBrowseForApp.jpg

   4. Navigate to C:\Program Files\Citrix\ICA Client (or C:\Program Files (x86)\Citrix\ICA Client for 64 bit OS),
       select wfcrun32.exe, click Open and then OK.


   5. Restart your browser and attempt to run MyDesktop again. When you click the icon, the Citrix Receiver should
       automatically activate and the MyDesktop environment will 
run in a pop-up window. The icon for MyDesktop in the
       taskbar will look like this: 


       Note: Sometime your web browser may have pop-up blocking on, which could stop MyDesktop from running.

       If this occurs you will see a symbol similar to this in your browser:

       Click on the message and select "always allow pop-ups".