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myDesktop gives you free apps on demand and access to your files from anywhere. You can also print from any device and collect your work from an RMIT printer on campus.


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when logged in via mydesktop the scroll functions on word doc/pdf etc...does not show. Can you please advise how to tutn this function on.  

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Is there a way to export your work electronically once you have finished it? I'd like to save it to a usb drive or email it to myself or save it to the device I am working on. I know it can be printed to an RMIT printer but I would like to share my work via the internet electronically. From what I can see this info is absent in  your 'how to' comms. I understand that this may be a licencing restriction but if it is the case it should be made clear in your comms. If this is a restriction it makes access to these kinds of programs very limiting. I would be very grateful for clarification. Thanks.

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Is there a way to find which applications are available on myDesktop?
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Hi there 


Just want to know that can I install fonts on my desktop?


In this case is because that I'm using the adobe software i.e photoshop from my desktop, I want to use the new fonts that I've downloaded online to my desktop.

But when I wanted to click install it says it needs authorisation, I enter my student number and my log in password, but it doesn't works.


Could someone help me ?



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Accessing MyRMIT desktop through the remote computer, I'm able to upload the files onto the system.

However, using SPSS statistics 24, the file is not read in the system even though I've essentially uploaded to my student account. 

After logout and a day later, the file disappears from the system entirely. 

Do advice on what is going on. 

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Is myDesktop currently down at the moment? I cannot access it at home.


Hi @Elit3Blaze

You're correct: there was an issue over the weekend with several services, including MyDesktop, affected.

MyDesktop should now be restored and you should now be able to access the environment/apps as normal.
If you have any issues reaching or logging in to the MyDesktop page, you can clear your browser's cache and navigate back to https://mydesktop.rmit.edu.au/ 


You can reply back to this thread if you have any further issues.
Hope this helps you out!



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Hey guys


MyDeskytop seems down. Is there an ETA on when the syste will be restored?


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Hi Guys,


myDesktop seems to be down at the moment can you please advise when it will be up and running again?



Hi @arahimisays@s9971085_mark


Yes, unfortunately users are having issues when they attempt to log into MyDesktop. Someone has also posted elsewhere on the Community about it:


The issue was thought resolved temporarily, but there's still reports coming in. As a result the teams are still investigating.
You can check the IT Service Status page also, as it will display when the issue is resolved: