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Is there a way to access Nvivo via Mydesktop?




Hi @hayleyking!


Nvivo 11 should be available for all users in MyDesktop.
Once you log in and are brought to the Apps tab, just type Nvivo into the search bar in the upper right and you should find the program.


By default, Nvivo can read any files on your network (H: ), but if you're using the full version of myDesktop it can also read the files on your personal device.






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I was wondering if you could advise me on how much data MyDesktop and its apps uses? I need to use MyDesktop at home, but I don't have an unlimited internet data connection, so I'm hoping it's not gonna chew up my data? Cheers

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Hi guys!

Is my myDesktop still down? I've tried all day.. still no luck. Is this gonna take time? Can someone please let me know when the system is up again.


Thank You Smiley Happy

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Hi there,


I senta few documents to print, however when I went to the printer it was unable to print them and still deducted money from my account. How can I get a refund for this?

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Hi I'm a student from MC257 and my final project need a software in My desktop called VISSIM. However this software cannot be opened since this week. Is there anyway you guys can fixed that?THX

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How can I get the updated apps in mydesktop? I had already used the apps "SIDRA 7" for my homework before, but now I cannot find the apps "SIDRA 7" anywhere in mydesktop. I need the apps to completed my homework and the further project used.

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I no longer have access to SQL ie I can't find the program anymore

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I have accidentally changed the myDesktop screen resolution to my iMac computer pixels and cannot getting to the menu to set back to the default with the new screen setting as its out of the field of the screen and I can't scroll to through the screen to where its located. Can this be reset please.

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Hello, I need to use "Rhinoceros 3D" for my assignment, it's the only 3d software that I master. Please fix it ASAP.