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From time to time, you may receive a new type of error message when conducting a Google search or trying to access certain websites through the RMIT network.


It’s all due to new control mechanisms being put in place to improve our defence against malware and malicious virus threats that exist on the internet.


Some sites that were previously accessible have now been blocked as a safeguard and will require you to request permission to access. Other sites that were blocked, (but have been found to be safe) may now be free to access.  


You may receive the following error messages:

Error message #1


Google capture requests.png

If you receive this message when doing a Google search, don’t worry. It’s just how Google verifies you are a real person and not a computer sending through a virus.


Error message #2


Error message re blacklisted site.png


This message will appear if the site you are trying to access has been blacklisted due to safety concerns. If you legitimately require access to the site, please submit a request via the myTechSupport form.

If you have any queries about any of the above, contact the Service and Support Centre.