If you find your device has connected to the RMIT-University wifi network, but you are not able to
   browse the internet it's possible you have manually entered DNS (Domain Name System) settings.

   To check:


   1. Click on your wireless icon and select Open network Preferences

      Screen Shot 2016-09-15 at 2.15.22 pm.png

   2. From the Network Settings ensure you are connected to the RMIT-University wifi and
       click Advanced

       Mac wifi network preferences.png

   3. In the Advanced section click the DNS tab and ensure only the RMIT DNS addresses are
       present in
DNS Servers (as per the screen below):

       Mac wifi preferences DNS.png

       If there are any other values in the DNS Servers field (eg:, you will need to highlight
       these and click 
the “-” button to remove them.

   4. Click OK to close the Network Preferences windows.


   5. Open your web browser of choice (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc) and attempt to browse.
       You should now find your browser can access the internet.


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really good, help me a lot on internet