When you having finished editing your document in the desired program you can send the job to the RMIT Global 

   Print queue.
   This will differ slightly from program to program but can usually be found under File -> Print.
   Alternatively, you can press Command ⌘+P.

   1. The print dialog box should appear. From the left hand menu you can select options such as Layout; colour or
       black and white printing and single or double sided.

       Printing on Mac dialog.png

       Once you have adjusted the desired settings, click Print to send your job to the RMIT Global queue.
       Sometimes the print dialog box may appear different, as below:

       Printing on Mac dialog - alternate.png


       You can still adjust the desired settings from the option at the top of the dialog box. 

       To print in colour, select Printer Features from the middle drop-down menu (as pictured above).
       As before, once the settings have been adjusted click Print to send the job to the Global queue.

   Jobs sent to the RMIT-Global queue from RMIT computers or from the MyDesktop environment will remain in the
   queue and await pickup for 12 hours. After this time the job will be deleted and you will need to resend it.

   NOTE: If a job is deleted from the queue, there will be no charge.

   To print your job: swipe your student or staff ID card at any Ricoh printer on campus, select your job and press Print Job.