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NOTE: If you are using a personal device via myDesktop please see the Printing files within myDesktop article. 


When you have finished editing your document in the desired program, you can send the job to the RMIT Global Print queue.

The following steps will differ slightly between applications, devices and operating systems. Generally, you can print a document from within an app by selecting File > Print.



    1. You will usually be given a print preview of your document. Ensure the Ricoh-Global or RMIT-Global shows under Printer.


      print dialogue.png


    1. You can make changes including document size (A4, A3, etc), orientation, black and white or colour printing and single or double sided. In certain aps, you access these settings via "Printer Properties" or "Print Settings".


  1. Once you are ready to print, simply press the "Print" button from the Print Preview screen. Your document will now be sent to the RMIT-Global queue.

NOTE: Jobs sent to the RMIT-Global queue from RMIT computers or from the MyDesktop environment will remain in the queue and await pickup for 12 hours. After this time the job will be deleted and you will need to resend it.


If a job is deleted from the queue, there will be no charge.


Once you are at the printer, swipe your card, select your job and press "Print job"

swipe print.png


P.S. See the following articles regarding registering your student card to print and how to print without your student card.

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To print from your Mac on RMIT printers, use this PDF (made by RMIT but buried in the website), which explains how to add the RMIT Printer Queue to your Mac: Installing the Global Queue


This installs Papercut, which will require you to log in with your RMIT login. You might also need to install the Java SE 6 Runtime (I had to, no idea why), but your Mac will tell you how to do that if you need to.

In part two of the PDF, it tells you to install the "Ricoh-Global printer queue". The PDF's link doesn't work, so use this one: http://mams.rmit.edu.au/41rvwlobw84az.dmg


When you've finished installing both of them, restart your computer then print using the printer called "Ricoh-Global-Client" in the Print window from any app.

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Hi @TDanino,


To clarify, RMIT computers already have the RMIT Print Queue installed.

That guide was from several years ago, before it became standard practice to have it installed by default.


If you're looking to print from an RMIT computer - you don't need to install anything!

If you're looking to print from a personal computer - this is the method which is supported by ITS:


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Recently I had printed some documents and to which i tried printing from the printer at level 7, building 100. Unfortunately, the money got deducted but i didn't got any prints out from the printer. Also, i tried to print 51 pages of one reading and to which printer gave me 9 pages only but charged me $3.50 for that A4 black and white pages.

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Are the RMIT printers inkjet or laser?