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1. Visit and log on with your student number and password. 


myDesktop login.JPG


2. From the Apps screen, select the DESKTOPS tab and click on the RMIT Desktop icon. 


apps screen 2.jpg 


3. Select the File Explorer icon within the myDesktop footer bar.


file manager.JPG


4. Locate and open the file you wish to print from your Student network drive (H drive).

Note: To print a file saved on your device drive or USB, you'll first need to upload the file using the Target Menu.


File manager open.JPG


5. Choose the Print option within your selected file, and click Print. You will notice the chosen printer is RMIT-Global.  


print pop up.JPG 


6. Now it's time to head to the nearest RMIT printer on campus and swipe your student card to collect! 

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Hi there,



I have a PDF file, I need to print it with size of A0, can you please assist me on that?


 Hi @Osama


The standard Ricoh printers that the RMIT-Global queue connects to will only offer the option of printing in A4 and A3.
If you require other sizes, you can investigate using one of the specialist printers in Building 8, Levels 7 and 11 and Building 9, Level 3. More information can be found below: > Specialist Printing link on the right



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Hi there, the printer is not showing when using myDesktop. How can I add the printer? Thanks, Alison

Hi @Alison


I've just logged in and found the same thing. You shouldn't have to add anything...the printer should map autoatically when you log into the environment.

I've created an ticket and forwarded to the MyDesktop support team to look into. I've sent you a private message with the details.




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Hi, I am facing the same problem as Alison. The printer didnt appear on my computer. Please help me.

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I also have the same problem as the two guys above. What do I do?




Hi @Nurul and @Eivind


By signing out of the session (Start button in the desktop > Click your name > Sign Out) and signing back in, this should re-map the RMIT-Global printing queue to the MyDesktop environment.

There's been a problem ticket raised for this and I've just attached your issues to it.
Once rectified, you should each receive contact to your respective student emails.


Kind regards,



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Hi, how to print from a iPad?