Students and staff now have the ability to print direct from their personal devices to the RMIT-Global printing queue!
For most devices, this will require the quick install of the Mobility Print program from Papercut. 

You can find the quick setup guides (including handy videos) for each Operating System below:
1) Regardless of your device and its OS, it must be connected to the RMIT-University wifi network with automatic settings for the Mobility Print app to recognise the printer. 
2) There are 
two mobility print queues. One is called RMIT-GLOBAL-GREYSCALE and the other RMIT-GLOBAL-COLOUR.
The installation process is the same for each of these respective queues, but both must be installed to allow printing in both colour and black & white.

Windows OS (Windows 7 and above)

Mac OS (OS Yosemite and above)
*NOTE: when prompted for printer credentials use your student/staff ID and your RMIT password, NOT your Mac login name*.

iOS (iPhones and iPads - iOS 9.2 and above)

Android (OS 4.4 and above - should cover most Android devices)

Chrome OS (OS v43 and above - should cover most Chromebook devices)