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If you lost, forgot or just don't have your student card with you, logging into the printer's Papercut screen is easy. 


1. Press the USERNAME and PASSWORD button on the screen. 


Papercut Login Screen


2. On the screen press on the USERNAME button


PaperCut Username


3. Use the keypad provided to type in your Student Number (including the S)


PaperCut Keyboard


4. Press OK when done. 


5. On the screen press on the PASSWORD button


6. Use the keypad provided to type in your password


7. Press OK when done. 


8. The Papercut "Select an Operation to perform" screen will be displayed once you logged in succesfully. 


PaperCut Operations Screen



Report a lost or stolen card at RMIT Connect to ensure that it is unlinked from your printing account.



For information about printing, visit the Printing web page.

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how do you load $ againt your student number


Hi @PaulS
You can either top up using the Papercut app/website on a RMIT computer/MyDesktop (credit card only; student card not required)
Use one of the top-up kiosks located in the libraries (student card required to tap on).

You can find more details on the page below: