1. Log in to Employee Self Service (ESS) from the following page: https://www.rmit.edu.au/staff > Employment Links


   2. Click on the Employee Self Service tab followed by the Personal Information tab. Once in the
       Personal Information section, click the Addresses link.

       SSPR setup 1.png


   3. Once in the Addresses section, click the Edit button. You can now add an alternate email address
       and/or a mobile number. The number must be entered in +61 format (place +61 at the beginning and
       drop the first "0").
       Once entered, click Review. If the information displays correctly on the Review page, click Save.

        SSPR setup 2.png

   4. Once back at the Personal Information page of ESS, click the Communication Preferences link.

       SSPR setup 3.png

   5. In the Communication Preferences page, you can check the communication options you would
       like to use for SSPR (both are recommended) and click Save.

       SSPR setup 3.png

       You have now set up your details for Self Service Password Reset. When using the SSPR, a
       password reset code can be sent to either of the communication methods you have provided above.