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Recently, Apple released their new macOS operating system 10.12, codename Sierra.


The ITS Apple team have been testing the beta releases of Sierra to confirm that it is compatible with our network and services, and there are a couple of important things to take into account before proceeding with an upgrade:


Known issue with RMIT network drives and Finder search

There is an issue with using Finder search (see gif below for an example) on an RMIT network drive, when running Sierra. A Finder search will, in some cases, cause your Mac to reboot with a kernel panic. We have raised this with Apple Enterprise Support and they are currently investigating this issue. If you choose to proceed with a Sierra upgrade then we recommend that you do not use Finder search until further notice. We will update this page with further information as it is provided to us by Apple.


Example Finder search within an RMIT network driveExample Finder search within an RMIT network drive

Software compatibility

Although all lab software will be tested on Sierra in preparation for Semester 1, 2017, at this early stage we cannot confirm its compatibility with all software.

For important software that you have installed, we recommend that you check the vendor’s website for confirmation on whether your installed version is compatible with Sierra.

So far, we have confirmed that the following applications are incompatible, until further notice:


McAfee Endpoint Protection for Mac


Final Draft 8 


We will update this page with compatibility information as vendors make it available to us.

To find out more information about Sierra and the new features it provides, check out Apple’s Sierra page.

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Do we have an updated version of McAfee Endpoint Protection for Mac yet? The current version seems to be incompatible with Sierra.


Screen Shot 2016-09-27 at 2.02.00 pm.png

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Hi @Sal,

McAfee released the Sierra-compatible client shortly after the Sierra release. We are working with the ITS team that manages McAfee, to have the client updated. I will let you know as soon as that has been done.




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Mathworks have just released an update to MATLAB (R2015b), that corrects the compatability issue with Sierra. Please note that this issue only effected non-English language localisations. If you are using MATLAB with English as the language, you don't need to update. It works fine.


I've had Sierra installed for a week and a half. No problems. I just had to re-install XQuartz as it had a problem when trying to authenticate with a Linux machine when I was doing an XTerm connection. The re-installation of XQuartz fixed the problem.






Hey guys,


Just another Sierra FYI: users who have upgraded to OSX Sierra may also find that Citrix Receiver returns a constant error stating "unable to connect" when attempting to run the MyDesktop environment or any of its Apps.
The solution is to simply download the latest version of Receiver from:
Once downloaded and installed, log back in to the MyDesktop site and everything should work as normal.





Hi all,


As per the post here: The EndNote package available via the staff and student software pages is not compatible with Sierra.
If EndNote is essential to your work it is advised you hold off from updating to MacOS Sierra (if possible). 
Thomson Reuters will be updating EndNote X8 to be compatible with Sierra so I believe once we have a compatible package, it will be updated.



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Has the McAfee update for Sierra been released yet?





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Announcement from ITS' Apple support team regarding McAfee for Mac:


We are currently in the process for getting approval to remove Mcafee from all staff Macs in the university.

The main reason being that McAfee is designed mainly for detection and removal of Windows viruses and really doesn't actually protect against Mac specific viruses/malware. Gmail also has antivirus built in which has greatly reduced the spread of Windows based viruses as well.

The other reason is for a few years now Macs have had their own anti Malware/Trojan software built in called XProtect. It runs silently in the background and prevents known exploitable versions of applications like Flash Player
and Java from running as well as blocking known Malware.