1. There are two ways to do so. Staff can skip to step 2.
       You can sign into MyRMIT and click the Unread Emails link


        or you can go to www.gmail.com

    2. Sign in to www.gmail.com with your full student (or staff) email address and your RMIT password.

        If your browser has the details of your personal gmail account saved, it may log you in to this account automatically.
        If this happens simply click the icon in the upper right and select Sign Out.
        Alternatively, you can select Add Account to enter your RMIT email details and switch between your accounts.


   3. If this is your first time signing in, you may be prompted to enter a mobile number for 2-step verification.

       This is not required and you can simply click Skip to access your inbox.


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Students sometimes complain they cannot access their RMIT student email account - this is usually because they have a personal gmail account and the 'Unread Email' button in myRMIT takes them there instead of to their student email account inbox.


For more information, see Staff IT services,Mail:




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RMIT Connect

Hi team - the one update I might recommend to this KBA (pls) is to add in the formats for email addresses, just for new students and staff... i.e.