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Updating your MacWorks Mac. - Confirm your software’s System requirements.


We strongly encourage all users to install the most modern release of Mac OS available so as to have the latest security and performance features, however, it is important to be certain that all of the software you need to do your job is going to work with the newest Mac OS before you go ahead. You'll need to check the 'System Requirements' of your critical software before you update. Luckily, this is not difficult!


RMIT standard applications (such as Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft Office and common web browsers) are all made available to RMIT already checked for compatibility with the latest version of Mac OS. Updates for these suites are available in /Applications/Self

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How to check which version of Mac OS your software is compatible with.


The vendor (manufacturer) of the software will have a list of requirements (these are generally called 'System Requirements') that need to be met for their software to run, this information is usually maintained on their product website.


For example:

To find the System Requirements of the application VMWare Fusion v4', find the vendor of this software (in this case, 'VMWare'), visit their website ( and use their search function to seek out 'VMWare Fusion 4 system requirements Mac'. Depending on the way their website is built this method may be a little hit & miss, in cases where you can't find it easily via their website, it is often simplest to find the link via a web search..

1 Go to

2 Enter the search phrase

VMWare Fusion 4 System Requirements Mac

This will search the site '' for the phrase

'VMWare Fusion 4 system requirements Mac'.


You may find that the application version you have is old and supports only older versions of Mac OS, in such a case, you'll need to update the software before being able to run it under an updated Mac OS.


Free software is easy to update, you can simply download the latest version for your OS, install and use it.


Some software may need a commercial update to a new version in order to be able to run on the latest version of Mac OS. In cases such as this we recommend initiating the purchase of these updates via the getIT store prior to running the system upgrade so as to minimise your downtime.

If you need help with this process, please contact the Service and Support Centre.