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1. The Target Menu sits on the RMIT Desktop.


Target icon.JPG 


2. Click the target icon to expand the menu and hover over the icons for an explanation of the functions.


full menu.JPG


3. The Clipboard enables you to copy and paste text from your local device into your myDesktop session - and vice versa. Just copy the text from your device, select the Clipboard icon and use Ctrl +V. You're now free to paste your text within myDesktop. To paste from myDesktop, reverse the steps and use Ctrl +C in the Clipboard.


copy paste.JPG


4. Got a file or document on your device or USB you want to print or work on in myDesktop? It's no problem with the Upload and Download function. Select the Upload icon to choose your file, then save it to your student drive for accessing in myDesktop. To download files you've been working on in myDesktop, use the Download icon.   




5. The Ctrl+Alt+Del function lets you control your myDesktop session just like you would using this command on your device's desktop. It allows you to sign out, lock and view the task manager for your myDesktop session.


ctrl alt del.JPG  


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the target icon is not appearing?

Can someone help me with this?


Thanks a lot!


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HI @s3613886


The target menu only appears when you are using the web-browser or "light" version of myDesktop.

If you have installed the citrix receiver and are using the "full" version, then this won't appear.


From your screenshot, it appears that you are using the full version, and if so, you don't require the target menu - as copy/paste etc works natively.

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Hm, it also doesn't work if I am doing ctrl + c at my desktop and ctrl + v at myDesktop. I now did it via webbrowser and dropbox.

But is this the easiest way to print from the own computer?