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If you wish to opt out of Google's additional services (Google+ and Blogger) or are leaving RMIT, here's what you need to do to backup your content.


To opt out of Google's additional services

You will be required to contact RMIT's Service and Support Centre to opt you out.


Please note that opting out does not delete or hide your Google+ profile or your blogs. If you want, you can backup your Google+ data, or transfer it to another personal account. You can also backup your blogs. After that you can delete your Google+ profile and your blogs.


What happens to my Google+ profile when I leave RMIT?

Your RMIT Google Apps account will be disabled automatically after you leave RMIT and you will not be able to access it. Your Google+ profile and blogs will not be available.


If you wish to keep a copy of these, please backup your Google+ posts, photos and connections by following these steps to backup your data. Here is how to backup your blogs.