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What does myDesktop do?

myDesktop connects to an RMIT-supported virtual desktop on your device which provides you access to applications that are powered by RMIT servers.


Who can access myDesktop?

All students and staff across RMIT University have access to myDesktop.


Where can I access myDesktop from?

myDesktop is accessible from any location where you can connect to the internet. Please note that the performance of myDesktop will depend on the performance of your device and the connection to the internet.


What do I use to access myDesktop?

You are able to access myDesktop on almost any desktop or mobile device including laptops, tablets and smart phones.


Can I access myDesktop from home?

Yes. myDesktop is accessible from any location where you have an internet connection.


What applications are available via myDesktop?

There are many applications that have been made available to all students through myDesktop. Licencing restrictions on some applications require that an application is only made available to students undertaking a particular course. If you believe you should have access to a particular application for your course and it is not available to you in myDesktop please contact the Service and Support Centre.


Why is an application that I need to use for my course not on the list of applications available inmyDesktop?

ITS is continually increasing the number of applications that are available through myDesktop but unfortunately not all software is suitable for delivery via a virtual desktop. If there is a particular application that you would like to see added to myDesktop, please contact your course coordinator.


What happens if I leave myDesktop idle?

The allowed idle time for students using myDesktop is 60 minutes. After 60 minutes of idle time you will be logged off from the myDesktop interface. You have 60 minutes to re-login to myDesktop to resume connection to your session. If you don’t log back in to your session within 60 minutes, your session will be closed. The next time you login to myDesktop you will be in a new session.


How many myDesktops can I open?

You will only be able to login and open one myDesktop session at any one time. If you have multiple devices, you will be able to open myDesktop on each one of these but myDesktop will only be active on the latest device that you open it on.


Can the internet be accessed from within the myDesktop environment?

Yes. You will have the same level of internet access as you normally would from an RMIT lab computer.


How is access to applications allocated in myDesktop?

Access to applications within myDesktop is based on your student ID and the courses that you are enrolled in.


Why can’t I see an application that I normally use or need to have access to?

You can access your course software from your own devices through the use of myDesktop. Some applications have license restrictions and will only be made available if you are enrolled in a course that utilises them. If there is additional software that you need to access for your course, please contact your course coordinator.


Can I personalise myDesktop?

Yes. Most customisations will be allowed and saved, within the applications and the virtual desktop.


Can I download and install software in myDesktop?

No. While you are able to download files, you will not be able to install any software within the myDesktop environment.


How do I print from myDesktop?

Printing from myDesktop is the same as printing from an RMIT lab computer. Print jobs are sent to a global print queue. You can access and pick up your printing from any printer within the campus by swiping your student card or entering your student ID to release the print job. See the step-by-step printing instructions.