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You may find that some keyboard keys within myDesktop do not match what is displayed on screen. For example trying to enter @ symbol which is displaying as " symbol 


The solution is to change the client workstation keyboard language/layout to English- Australia and to ensure no other layouts are available. 


The steps to change windows operating system, keyboard layout is listed below: 


Windows 7 OS:


1. Go to "control panel" 


2. Select "change keyboards or other input methods"- This is located under Clock, Language and Region 




3. From here, select "keyboards and languages tab, then select "change keyboards" 





4. In the "Text Services and Input Lanauages" Select the "general" 

Ensure that "default input language" is set to “English (Australia) - US" and "installed devices" is set to “English (Australia), Keyboard - US” and select "add" if necessary.




Please note: This should be the only Installed service, or the setting may not enforce correctly.







Windows 10 OS:


1. Go to "control panel" 


2. Select "add a language" located under "clock, language and region" 




2. Ensure language and keyboard layout setting is set to “English Australia” and “US” respectively.


Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 1.34.46 pm.png



Please note: Remove other Languages other than English (Australia)