Sys Admin

Congratulations on receiving an offer from RMIT!


I encourage you to accept your offer as soon as possible to secure your place and get the payment processing time out of the way, as it can take a few weeks.


If you have a conditional offer and you are confident that you will meet the conditions of your offer, you can accept now and have a conditional acceptance.

You will need to submit the relevant documents at least before the last day to enrol. Once your conditions are lifted, you will receive your CoE within 48 hours and then you will be able to enrol


Alternatively, you can wait until you have all the required documents and submit those first. 

Once you receive your unconditional offer, you can accept your RMIT offer. 


To accept your offer, you need to: 

  1. Log in to your Application Portal
  2. Click on “Actions” > “Respond to offer”. 
  3. Complete the acceptance form online.
  4. Complete payment via Western Union or credit card online (if deposit is required). 


For more information regarding payment options and procedures, see How to accept


You will not be able to log in to any RMIT systems or enrol until your conditions have been lifted.