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Confused about your fees?

Fees can be confusing, but when broken down, it can be much easier to understand.


The fees outlined in your offer letter give you a rough estimate of what the yearly and overall fees are for your program.

You will only pay for the courses you enrol in each semester, therefore you pay per semester, not year. 


Once you complete your enrolment and choose your courses, you will receive your tax invoice. Every time you drop or change a class, you will be emailed an updated tax invoice. 


Read it carefully for important information like payment options, required amounts and due dates. Please make sure you finalise relevant payment(s) by the due date to avoid significant penalties or even enrolment cancellation. A range of payment options are listed in detail here.


Your initial deposit will cover part of your tuition fees. Your tax invoice will outline the remaining amount you will need to pay plus SSAF fees