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Census compulsory for all international students

Everyone Counts - International students

Make yourself count in the Census

On Tuesday 8 August, the Australian Census will take place. It is often thought that only Australian residents are included in the Census count. This is not so. International students and visitors are all part of the Australian Census count.

In fact every person who is in the country on that night should be included in the Census, wherever they are staying.
Australia is counting on all international students to participate in the Census.

The Census is conducted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics and your absolute personal privacy is guaranteed. All information collected in the Census is confidential - by law.

The information you provide will not be accessible by any other agency. By law, organisations like the Tax Office, Centrelink, the Immigration Department and direct marketing companies cannot have access to personal information from the Census.

Under the Census and Statistics Act all ABS officers (including temporary employees) are legally bound never to release identifiable personal information to any person or organisation outside the ABS.

The Census collects information relating to each person and household in the country, but the ABS is not concerned with information about individuals as such. The Census is taken to provide information about the community as a whole and about groups within the community.

The Census provides a snapshot of Australia and is the best way to take stock and plan for the future. The Census provides vital statistical information used to plan better facilities and services for many purposes, including educational services - something of direct importance to international students.

So make sure you're included on a Census form, wherever you are staying on Census night.

If you are staying with an Australian resident family, you can be included on their Census form.

If you are staying in paid accommodation such as halls of residence at universities, student hostels, guest houses or group houses you will be given a Census form and instructions on how to complete it.

You will also be given the option of completing your Census form online. This option is called the eCensus and information about it will be provided in the guide on how to fill in the Census, which you will be given with the Census form. There will be an article about the eCensus in the July edition.

If you are camping, travelling overnight, or in any unusual locations on 8 August, special arrangements have been made to give you a Census form. Please complete the Census form as instructed by the people who deliver it to you.

For more information visit the Census website at